Why Social Media Matters For Businesses

Many business owners underestimate the power of social media. If you have been putting off building up your social media presence you are missing out on thousands of potential clients and customers. The world today is driven by personal interaction and social media. Small businesses that never before would have been able to compete with big chains are now power players if they put in the effort to develop a strong social media presence. And big companies that make the most of social media are seeing huge increases in sales.

Every day millions of people go online to check social media before they go out eat, make a purchase, or sign up for a service. They will check in with friends on Facebook to find out what their friends think of a particular business. They will read reviews on Amazon, Yelp, and Google. They will check to see if a business has a website and a Twitter account before they make a decision. Social media matters more than ever for businesses.

Getting Social Media Right

Just having social media accounts isn’t enough to increase your sales or grow your business. You have to get it right when using social media. Sites like Facebook and Buzzfeed have dozens of stories each day about businesses that get it wrong. Really good social media use and really bad social media use often go viral and are seen by millions of people. Make sure your business is one that gets it right.

To make the most of social media you need to post often. Posts should always be positive and encourage personal interaction. Offering incentives and deals on social media is a great way to get noticed. For example you could offer a coupon code on Facebook. Or give customers that leave reviews on sites like Yelp a coupon for a special deal.

But you shouldn’t only create promotional posts. According to social media marketing gurus out of every things that you post only one should be related to your product or service. The other posts should be topical, funny, or informational. Take advantage of hashtags on sites like Instagram and Twitter. There is a different hashtag topic for each day of the week. Posting a new post that uses the daily hashtag is a great way to get more followers and keep your audience engaged.

When It Goes Wrong

Sometimes it can be hard to avoid negative social media. If an unhappy customer makes an angry post don’t respond in anger. Remember that thousands of potential customers are reading your response. Take responsibility for any mistakes and do what you can to fix the problem. Keep the tone of the post neutral to diffuse any anger or hurt feelings.

Sometimes there may be a situation where nothing you can do or offer will fix the problem. When that happens apologize and move on. Don’t let one post drag down your social media presence. Don’t argue with people on social media. Make sure that the language in the post is professional and respectful. People are watching to see how you handle negative situations. If you handle it well then it shouldn’t have a negative impact on your business.

Most social media sites are free which makes them a fantastic resource for promoting your business. Just by spending a little time each day posting and responding to interactions you can reach customers both locally and around the world. Social media is a great way to drive business either to your website or to your brick and mortar store or office. If you haven’t been using social media for business get started today.

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